Grimoire: The Maiden of Martlinsburg

Revered across all of Roapoct for his leadership and generosity, Archbishop Martlin Dugar saw the continent through The War of the Betrayer, one of its greatest tragedies. Afterwards, artisans the world over gathered in the countryside southwest of Leyden to build him a city all his own which prospered under his rule due in no small part to the Grimoire Sanctif, an ancient tome that allowed the Archbishop to advise each and every citizen by the light of his own hearth. Martlinsberg and its residents lived happily without quarrel or conflict until Martlin’s untimely death in 4410. Without the guiding voice of their leader, Martlinsburg quickly descended into decadence and strife.

Recently, however, the people have begun to hear that voice again and the city is rapidly returning to its former glory, but many of the farmers and hunters that live on Martlinsburg’s fringes claim that something isn’t quite right about this recent windfall and others claim yet that the voice is the spirit of Martlin himself, back from the dead to realize the utopia he had envisioned in life. Whatever the case, Martlinsburg is a place rife with opportunity for aspiring adventurers, divine enforcers, and nefarious criminals alike—truly the fate of this city remains in the hands of its denizens.


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